March 14, 2017

Singing Like SCC [Snippet]

Maybe it’s because his similarly-named autobiography just released, but Steven Curtis Chapman’s Heaven in the Real World was my shower and shave jam yesterday.

And wow, do you ever not need to look elsewhere at all for my dominant tonal model, even now. 

(For you non-vocal teachers, your tonal model is the mental picture composed of all the singers who have influenced you, which you imitate consciously or unconsciously.)

At least he had become relatively unencumbered in his mid-high range by this album – not to mention employed a mid-high range at all (“Hiding Place,” anyone? Bueller?).

I was 11 when Heaven released in July of ’94, and I’m sure I had the entire album memorized by my 12th birthday about two months later, such was my voracity for new SCC material. I surmise that every single word of every last song is encoded in my ribosomes and will pass to my offspring. Sorry, kids.

I would lastly like to assert that “Dancing With The Dinosaur” is inventive, totally cheesy, and more relevant than ever:

“There’s a banner waving saying tolerance will set you free /
It’s the latest thing /
While the consequences it leaves behind /
Are like a ball and chain”

I mean, he rhymed “thing” with “chain,” like five whole years before any of you heard of Eminem.

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