April 13, 2017

Quality Rep: That Thor, Though

Whether or not you are personally into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can probably agree that Marvel Studios has accomplished a remarkable feat this past decade, fleshing out popular heroes and villains, building stunning, interconnected worlds, and turning no-name characters into household names. This company has also milked enough box office money to keep Stan Lee wearing Spider-Man Depends for millennia hence.

They keep me coming back, and they are clearly promising to keep doing so with the teaser for the next Thor, which is due out this November and completes their third respectable trilogy since 2008:

Even the least appealing Marvel Studios movie (my vote is either The Incredible Hulk or Thor: The Dark World – both of which I still enjoy) is reasonably entertaining. The company often repulsor-blasts expectations and still has yet to make a major flop, so audiences know they can depend on their films to be a fun night’s investment at the theater.

Reputation matters. No matter your profession, position, or project, your name rises or falls with the quality of what you produce. I have recently become a freelance writer, providing copy for marketing materials, and I know my standards must be as high when I write as they are when I play a music gig. As I take on more paid writing jobs, I hope to one day achieve Marvel Studios’ track record of trust – the type that makes people happily shrug at the thought of spending to obtain my work.

Whether you’re a manager, mama, or movie maker, I would like to encourage you to take pride in the work of your life. It’s a friendly reminder brought to you – and me – by a short film teaser.

* * *

p.s. The total gross of all MCU movies thus far, allocated for two adult undergarments per day, means the beloved Mr. Lee would be spared the shame of incontinence for almost fifteen million years. Thought you’d like to know.

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