May 1, 2017

I Don’t Trust Myself with Ruling You

For two days this week, I am the errand-boy for a famous musician and his crew. I just found out that our call time has switched from noon to 10am, so this will read more like a Xanga post. Man, remember Xanga? We didn’t even know what the internet would be (and probably still don’t).

Like most people, I don’t do a good job of articulating bedrock principles when I post online – the beliefs that comprise the hub of my bicycle wheel, if you will. When I post, I most often post an implication of a foundational belief.

That’s where arguments start. The spokes of our wheels – outgrowths of our basic beliefs – meet and clash with the spokes of others’.

The truth is that many of us want the same things. We want to see society thrive. We want the best for others. We love our fellow man. In other words, our wheel hubs look the same.

But we believe in using different methods to get to those ends. Our spokes are different.

While I desire the flourishing of humanity as I’ve mentioned above, I believe there’s an operating principle at work in the world that hinders that outcome: We are all selfish.

To rip off a John Mayer song, I don’t trust myself with ruling you.

Did you ever form a “club” with neighborhood friends? That was like living out Lord of the Flies. People jockeyed for power and exclusivity, and the real jerky kids wielded it. Did you ever become one of the leaders? You probably became that jerk. I know I did.

That’s the basic reason I oppose the idea of someone else having ever-increasing power over my life. If we are all completely equal as human beings, we all face the same temptations to lord strength over others.

Obviously there isn’t room or time here for a treatise on which powers government should have. I simply want to assert this idea of total equality. Until we have a perfect ruler, no one is qualified to be vested with complete authority.

Ruling ourselves is consistent with total equality.

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