April 24, 2017

For the Love of Riverhead and Small Business, Be Good to Mazi on Main Street

I love burgers, and my stately paunch continues to blab this habit of mine to friends and strangers alike.

My wife and I have been limiting our burger intake, but the allure of beef that’s been hot and heavy with an iron skillet remains. We would consider ourselves burger snobs at this point, and by this I mean that a simple hunk of ground beef no longer suffices. We care about experimentation with unique mixes of meat types. Don’t get me started on the delightful superiority of dry-aged burgers over traditional ones.

While seeking Mickey and Minnie Mouse-informed outfits for a recent performance, I suggested to my wife that we stop at Mazi on Main Street in Riverhead for lunch. I had visited once before with my father and had fond memories of the burger, which is curious to me since the restaurant specializes in Mediterranean food.

I am here to claim that the burger at Mazi is one of the best burgers on the East End.

I am also here to claim that the burger is an argument and plea for the support and continued existence of small businesses before we forfeit everything to casual dining chains and the uniformity of the nightmarish Riverhead retail corridor.

Quick Review

Mazi offers a burger for true beef lovers, ground in-house with such a perfect blend of tanginess that one could easily confuse it for its dry-aged cousins in the city, against any of which it can hold its own. It is on par with CittaNuova’s excellent burger, making it ideal if one prefers to avoid East Hampton prices or if driving distance is a concern.

We split the burger (limiting that cholesterol) as well as the Chicken Bang Bang flatbread sandwich, which was also very tasty. I am puzzled that we were able to get a table so freely on the weekend when the menu is of such a high quality. Perhaps the marketing is too low-key, but I believe this place would be packed if it were in Brooklyn or a similar locale. I know I am not alone in my opinion of the food.

I’m not a critic, but I am a good eater who loves to see local businesses thrive and could not care less about Buffalo Wild Wings. If you’re local, pay Mazi a visit or run the risk of missing out! You really don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

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