March 20, 2017

Creating Breeds Creating: A Refreshing Surprise After a Month of Blog Deadlines

A recurring fear crops up every couple of days.

“What if I’ve already produced my best stuff?”
“I can’t maintain at this level.”
“Have I run dry?”

I assume some mutational form of this fear is what keeps lots of people from starting or continuing the project they’ve been kicking around in their idea globes. Can you relate?

I started this blog with a file of “seedlings” – bitty thoughts to be developed later into blog posts, maybe eventual book projects, podcast topics, or whatever else I could imagine in the future. I had been building this file for well over a year since I first bought my site, and some ideas were good enough to use while some remain mediocre or underdeveloped.

I assumed the file would run out sooner rather than later.

Instead that file has multiplied and grown like Gremlins under greenhouse misters. The other day, while writing, I had between six and eight ideas for other blog posts. It’s exponential.

Do you want to know when these itsy thought babies were NOT hatching at this rate? When I wasn’t writing anything. When I wasn’t producing.

I can now testify that ideas give birth to ideas. Creativity begets more creativity. I also submit that ideation is a skill that can be cultivated over time.

So start. Make lots of stuff. Keep track of the half-formed fragments you suspect won’t lead to much of anything. Feed yourself. Read. Write. Talk. Sing. Draw. Pretend. Swipe from others, and rearrange.

I’m eager, looking forward to adding all kinds of compelling, provocative, outlandish, and hopefully helpful things to this site. Look out for a forthcoming post with tips about how to meet celebrities and other people you hold in high regard, complete with humiliating moments – and pictures – from my own encounters with the famous and semi-renowned. Should be fun.

And please always let me know the schemes you’re putting in motion.

Thanks for snooping around this far.

2 Comments on “Creating Breeds Creating: A Refreshing Surprise After a Month of Blog Deadlines

March 20, 2017 at 9:43 am

This is encouraging. Lots and lots of ideas – scraps of paper, random notebooks filled, bookshelves with all of those ideas….

Maybe it is time to expand them into things larger than thoughts! = )

April 25, 2017 at 2:18 pm

You should! I am also finding that freely asking others for their opinions about ideas leads to other possibilities, if only because they now know what you are offering and which interests you have.


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