It’s pronounced “high zing” rather than “hew zing.”
Not sure how the Dutch actually pronounced it.

I’m Josh. On Mondays and Thursdays I post thoughts about money, motivation, work, music, movies, books, religion, mental health, marriage –
anything I am contemplating is fair game.

This is a hub for other projects as well.

My vision is to contribute my creative talents and skills in communication to the world
in useful ways that help others flourish and succeed. As far as I know,
these are the things I was born to do to fulfill that purpose:


I believe that knowledge about anything synthesizes with everything else. Visit my blog to read the sense I am making of the world.


I help others benefit from my personal catastrophes,
and I love speaking to groups.


I’m also a singer, guitarist, church music director, and songwriter.
Here are my best sounds.