Services and Contact


I help businesses refine their message by giving clarity to their website and advertisements so that customers know they’ve found the right place.

I generate attention-grabbing content that hooks readers.


I help intentional people figure out their strengths by asking the right insightful questions and suggesting appropriate action so that they can get unstuck.

I also provide standalone budget coaching when needed.


I engage my listeners by stubbornly focusing on their immediate benefit.
Whether you want to inspire a conference, classroom, congregation, or community group, I will provide a crafted presentation that is relevant to your audience.

Email me at joshuadavidh (at) gmail (dot) com

Available speaking topics include avoiding student loans, conquering debt, increasing generosity, overcoming professional failure, and how to make sure your customer knows they matter most.

“Josh helped to point out and create tangible steps towards financial freedom. He effectively broke down what might feel daunting and explained complex financial processes in simple terms. My first meeting with him was a great start to getting better financially organized. I feel encouraged by the plan of attack that was formulated to get out of student loan debt sooner rather than later.”

– Samantha Krzyzewski, Southampton, NY

“Mr.Huizing’s presentation disabused them of their ignorance with understandable explanations and real-life scenarios. His lively and engaging manner helped them stay focused on the problem they will soon face: how – and why – to avoid the crushing burden of student debt. It was truly an invaluable presentation, and I look forward to Mr.Huizing’s return to my classroom!”

– Jeff Greenberger, Riverhead High School, Riverhead, NY